Run the race without borders!

The marathon over 3 countries

The 21.1 km race.

10 km race.

Start and finish at the Basel’s Marktplatz (market square) on Sunday 26 May 2026

New 2024 > Marathon 42,195 km

Start at 9h00

 CHF 70.- *
(* surcharge of 10.- from May 13, 2024)

10 km

Start at 9h30

 CHF 40.- *
(* surcharge of 10.- from May 13, 2024)

Half-marathon 21,1 km

Start at 9h45

CHF 50.- *
(* surcharge of 10.- from May 13, 2024

CHF 2.00 will automatically be donated to the Lions Clubs of the region which will use the proceeds of the races to fund a tri-national, bilingual summer camp.

The following features are included in the price for the races:

  • Free public transportation to the event on the following transportation networks: TNW (CH), RVL (D) and Distribus (F)
  • Start number and personalized start bag
  • T-shirt
  • Timing through chip, with publication of the ranking list on internet
  • Drinks available along the course
  • First aid and care available along the course
  • Pacemakers on 21,1km (1:45h / 2:00h / 2:15h / 2:30h) See more…
  • Massage available upon arrival
  • Warm showers available upon arrival
  • Changing rooms and lockers available close to the start
  • Free sms service with your own times
  • A souvenir medal can be purchased at the time of registration for 3.–

Further information in German language

Martin Lichtenthaler

Rämelstrasse 5
CH – 4055 Basel
+41 (0)79/279.14.35

Further information in French language

Jean-Denis Zoellé

22, rue du Gué
F – 68220 Knoeringue
+33 (0)608.84.68.99

Number pick-up

– Saturday 25 May 2024, St.Jakobs Halle, during the trade fair


from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

– Sunday 26 May 2023, at the Marktplatz, starting at 7:00 a.m. for the marathon and at 7h30 a.m. for the other races.

Late registration on site

– Saturday 25 May 2024, during the trade fair Basel Health Expo, in the St.Jakobs Halle, from 10h00 until 15h00.

Numbers will not be sent out by mail.

We hope you enjoy this international event!

General Information from A to Z

Award Ceremony

On the market place at :

12:00 for the 10 km run

13:00h for the half marathon


14;00h for the marathon


  1. KM 4,5 > Stadion St-Louis – F > Water, Sponser Energy drinks.
  2. KM 8,2 > 3Länderbrücke Huningue – F > Water, Sponser Energy drinks, Fruits.
  3. KM 12,5 > Platz der 3 Länder Weil  – D > Water, Sponser Energy drinks, Fruits
  4. KM 15,9 > An der Wiese beim Stücki Center Kleinhüningen – CH > Water, Sponser Energy drinks, Fruits
  5. KM 18,0 > Unterer Rheinweg, höhe Kaserne Basel (CH) > Water, Sponser Energy drinks
  6. Finish > Water, Sponser Energy drinks, Fruits

Changing rooms

For women and men at the gymnasium on Rittergasse (opens at 7’30 a.m.)


Runners are responsible for their own insurance coverage. The organizer of the event shall not be liable for any accidents, illness or theft.


In the Rittergasse school building, the Swiss Massage Team offers free of charge massages before and after the run.

Pacemakers at the Half-marathon :

Get your desired finishing time easily! Just follow one of our experienced pacemakers.

Ecpected times :

1:45h / 2:00h / 2:15h / 2:30h


Every runner will receive a prize for competing.
Special prizes will be awarded to the top three runners in each category. No prizes will be sent by mail (please refer to the Category page!).
Ranks will be announced on the Marktplatz (market square) starting at 1 p.m. In the event of inclement weather, this will be done in the Rittergasse gymnasium.

Sanität Samariter Verein Kleinbasel

Medical services are available at Rittergasse school building, on the market place, and also at the catering stations as well as in the broomcar.

Time limit

10km run > 2 hours
21,1km > 3 hours
Marathon > 5h30 hours


Timing will be performed by Datasport using a chip-based system. The chip is attached to the bib numbers.
This flea provides the real time of each participant. It will be a single use flea, so it is useless to return it on arrival.


Each competitor  can fetch a T-shirt (finisher shirt) at the Marktplatz.


You have the opportunity to leave your valuables in the inner court of the city hall.
Only small bags are accepted.

Recovering of those until 14:30, only with your start number. So please keep always on this number.


Nachhaltigkeit - Saubere Veranstaltung

Wir unterstützen die Initiative “Saubere Veranstaltung” gegen unnötigen Abfälle.